The Jump

ITV, 1998, 4 episodes

Adapted from the novel by Martina Cole, The Jump opens with Donna Brunos (Susan Vidler) reeling at the imprisonment of her husband (Jonathan Cake) for a crime she is certain he did not commit. Donna eventually decides she only has one option – to jump him from prison – and seeks the help of the engimatic Alan (Adrian Dunbar) an ex-con with sharply divided loyalties.

TheJumpuseAs plans for the escape take shape, Donna finds herself drawn into a dark, menacing criminal underworld. Finally she is confronted by a series of shattering revelations that threaten not only everything she believes in, but also, ulitmately, her own life.

Principal Cast:
Donna Brunos: SUSAN VIDLER; George Brunos: JONATHAN CAKE; Alan Cox: ADRIAN DUNBAR; Mario Brunos: JOHN LIGHT; Maeve Brunos: SUE JOHNSTON; Donald Lewis: MICHAEL ANGELIS; Pa Brunos: PETER BIRREL; Carol Jackson: SIOBHAN BURKE; Sadie Gold: JULIAN KERRIDGE; Ricky Brett BILLY McCOLL; Vida Dawson: ANJELA LAUREN SMITH; Davey Jackson: DANNY WEBB: Steven Brunos: ANDY SERKIS; Timmy Lambert: MARK BENTON.

‘An involving drama’ – Scottish Daily Record
‘Adrian Dunbar as Alan Cox is, as ever, exceptional’ – Daily Mail
‘Every minute was riveting….brilliant central performances from Jonathan Cake and Susan Vidler… racy, pacy and pulsating with action. I’m up for The Jump for the next three Sundays. It’s terrific.’ – The Sun