Channel 4, 1990, 6 x 15 mins

A series of  plays showcasing new writers for Channel 4.

1. Dancing in the Dark by Atima Srivastava: A mixture of fear and attraction features in a relationship between an Asian girl and a skinhead. With TANIA RODRIGUES and DOUGLAS HENSHALL.

2. Milking the Chocolate Man by Pat Anderson and Mina Parisella: A teenager is trapped at home through his addiction to chocolate. With MARK BENTON, TAMARA HINCHCO and SAMANTHA EDMONDS.

3. Mug by Maria Oshodi: After being mugged, Nicole plans her revenge. With HEATHER IMANI, SUSANNE KIRLEW and CLARE PERKINS.

4. The Necklace by Donna Franceschild (who later wrote Taking Over the Asylum and A Mug’s Game for the BBC): Two teenagers are sleeping rough in London and find a valuable necklace. One of them wants to return it thinking it is stolen property. The other thinks they need the money for themselves. With CAROLINE PATTERSON and ELLIE NOBLE.

5. All About Laura by Paula Khan: A teenager returns to a town remembered from childhood, where a mysterious encounter with a stranger turns self-pity into shock. With JACKIE MORRISON and JONATHAN FIRTH.

6. Bathing Elizabeth by Marty Cruickshank: Two sisters move from Wales to London, one of them is dying. With NERYS HUGHES, KAREN GARTSIDE and GERALDINE SOMERVILLE.

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