Capital Lives

ITV, 1994, 6 episodes

Six half-hour dramas which explore the darker side of life in and around London. The series was a showcase for writers new to television and featured many well-known actors.

1. Possession: When Jimmy, aged 55, decides to leave home to marry a prostitute, his tyrannical mother is determined not to let him go. With TOM BELL, EDNA DORE, SUZANNE HITCHMOUGH and RUTH WOODS.

2. Jealousy: Elderly spinster Lillian has never forgiven her sister Poppy for stealing Eddie, her wartime sweetheart. Now history looks set to repeat itself when Poppy comes to stay. With JEAN MARSH, ANNA CROPPER and FRANK WINDSOR.

3. Joan: When transsexual John Robinson is jailed for murder, he has more than the inmates’ prejudice to contend with. With JOHN¬† HANNAH, KENNETH MacDONALD and NICOLA REDMOND.

4. Proud: An ex-punk star plans to re-record a hit song made famous by his old band. With CHRISTOPHER FULFORD.

5. Fall: Three men carry out surveillance on Bode, who is in the building opposite. Tension mounts as they wait for a drugs pay-off. With KENNETH COLLEY, ANDREW TIERNAN, DAVID HAREWOOD and EAMONN WALKER.

6. Repossessed: A well-heeled couple move into a Westminster council flat, having sold their big house to salvage their business. The wife becomes obsessed with the former occupant, a lonely old man who was found dead in the flat after being served an eviction notice. With GILES THOMAS, KATRIN CARTLIDGE and STRATFORD JOHNS.